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  Artikel Scale






N-Scale Marine (Resin-Kit)

  N-2008 N Barge with Coal (LxB= 64x152mm) Kit $17.95 19,75 € 1
  N-2018 N Canoes 3-pack $4.95 TBA b/o
  N-2025 N Great Lakes Steam Tug Boat  (L x B = 45 x 159 mm) Kit $27.95 TBA b/o
  N-2026 N Great Lakes Diesel Tug Boat  (L x B = 45 x 159 mm) Kit $27.95 TBA b/o
  N-2027 N Railroad Tug Boat (6.25" X 1.75") (L x B = 45 x 159 mm) Kit $35.95 TBA b/o
  N-2050 N 260' Great Lakes Freighter--Includes all fittings, 19¼" long (49cm) Kit $145.95 TBA b/o
  N-2050M N Great Lakes Freighter--mid section only, adds 5¼" (13,3cm) to boat length Kit $30.95 TBA b/o
  N-2065 N Channel Marker Buoys 2-Kit $8.95 9,85 € b/o
  N-2066 N Railroad Car Float, will hold eight 40' Cars on 2 tracks (w/o Track) Kit $35.95 39,55 € b/o
  N-2082 N 260' Laker Class Ocean Freighter Cargo Ship (19.25" X 4") (L x B = 102 x 489 mm) Kit $155.95 171,55 € b/o
  N-2123 N 280' Container Ship Manchester Mercurio (L = 21" = 534 mm) Kit $194.95 TBA b/o


    N-Scale Gebäude (Resin-Kit)        
  N-2001 N CN 2-Bay Handcar Shed & Sectionman's Bunkhouse Kit $12.95 TBA b/o
  N-2003 N Grand Trunk Depot Kit $16.95 TBA b/o
  N-2010 N GTR Single Bay Handcar Shed Kit $9.95 10,95 € 1
Factory Sold Out N-2012 N 62' Square Victorian Smokestack (L x B x H= 19 x 19 x 115 mm) Kit $11.95 13,15 € 1
  N-2013 N Grampa's House Kit $16.95 TBA b/o
  N-2024 N Wilks Family Homestead Kit $17.95 TBA b/o
  N-2028 N Cabin/Summer Kitchen Kit $8.95 TBA b/o
  N-2028-3 N Cabin/Summer Kitchen 3-Kit $24.95 TBA b/o
  N-2042 N Barn with Silos Kit $26.95 TBA b/o
    N-Scale Zubehör        
  A-001 All Resin Prep (zum Vorbehandeln der Oberflächen von Resin) 3 oz $4.95 TBA b/o
  DP-0005 N vier verschiedene Kamine (H=6mm) 4-pack $3.95 4,35 € b/o
  DP-0007 N Larger Chimney's 2-pack $3.95 TBA b/o
  DP-0033 N Port Colborne Fairleads, w/ 4 sets,enough to fit out 1ship  4-pack $4.95 TBA b/o
  N-Scale Wide Vision Van Cabooses (Resin) (Kits w/o Trucks & Couplers)
Factory Sold Out N-2007 N 'Canadian Northern'   (w/o Trucks, w/o Coupler) Kit $18.95 20,85 € 1
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